I deeply enjoy reading fantasy and science fiction books. I’ve developed a taste for epic fantasy—the bigger the books the better! This taste marries well with my favorite author, Brandon Sanderson, as he seems to enjoy writing at the speed of light. I am always looking out for every new book released by Brandon Sanderson, with a strong preference for Cosmere content.

Right now I’m diving in the Steven Erikson’s Malazan Book of the Fallen tale.


Although any movie from any category has a chance to floor me with an amazing experience, I do have a preference towards fantasy, science fiction, and horror movies. The horror movies I enjoy the most tend to come frequently from Spain and Argentina. If I was put on the spot to mention only a single horror movie I would have to go with Aterrados (2017). It really did a number on me… The horror movie I’ve watched the most has to be REC (2007).

If you find yourself in Portugal by September and also enjoy horror movies, please consider attending the MOTELX horror movie festival.